Lita v3

Indonesian. Proud mother of two sons. Graduated from Chemical Engineering ITB. Returned from Tsukuba-shi, Japan, for 1.5 years in-service teacher training program scholarship from MEXT at Tsukuba University, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Agro-bioresources Science and Technology Program.

Have been with Bunda Mulia School (SPK) since 2013 and will resume teaching position of Advanced Level & IGCSE Chemistry  soon. Previously I also taught Environmental Management. Presenter at Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 13 (February 27, 2013) on Creative Education. Had taught at SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta for more than 5 years.

Blogger. Copywriter. I have made articles (online/printed magazines and websites), company profiling, and co-authored a book (Istikharah Cinta, 2007). Was a guest blogger for Been a jury for Acer Guraru (Guru Era Baru) Award in 2010 and 2011. Interested on health and education issues.

Kinds of daily readings: too-serious science articles or books and beauty blogs. Often thinks about reducing my make up stash but more certain to find myself rotating the items in use. Plans to work out more, but ends up sleeping more. Buys books out of optimistic feeling, lets books stays unwrapped to be busy with kids or going out for movies.

Passionate. Deliberate. Mordacious. Keen. Delicate balance between comfort and distress.