Bamboo Philosophy

Parents, it is always wise for us to learn from mother nature. She has a great way in keeping balance. Well of course, it is HE Who Takes Care.

One chosen way to interact with your children is the bamboo philosophy.

Bend without broken.
Gentle, yet strong.
Straight to the point, yet flexible.

When they are not able to make decision yet, or knowing what danger awaits, we should make the decision for them.

When they are moving toward something we don’t agree about, let them get near it and hold them firmly. Just to let them know.

When they are doing things recklessly, put your arms around for a better grip in case they are falling.

Stick with your goal, but playing a bit around the corner could add some fun to the journey.

Behold, parents. I’m talking about bathing your children here.
What? The philosophy?

I saw my baby laughing out loud and jumping in enjoyment while bathing, thus I made it for you.
But you can use it as you like. You’re the parents anyway.

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