About Lita

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Indonesian. Proud mother of two sons. Graduated from Chemical Engineering ITB. Done an in-service teacher training program scholarship from MEXT in Science Education at Tsukuba University, in affiliation with Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Agro-bioresources Science and Technology Program.

At the present time enrols in a master’s degree programme in UI and posts as the head of school of an international school. Formerly a primary school principal, had been a vice principal, taught at both international and public school in Jakarta for 13 years. Had been a speaker for induction training programme for a group of international school and chemistry olympiad preparation programmes. Presenter at Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 13 (February 27, 2013) on Creative Education.  An engaged participant in professional development courses for active learning and assessment for learning, also specific subjects (Chemistry and Global Perspective & Research). Also a finalist for Indonesia’s Cambridge International Trainer recruitment in 2018.

Blogger. Copywriter. I have made articles (online/printed magazines and websites) and company profiling. Was a guest blogger for AksiGuru.org. Been a jury for Acer Guraru (Guru Era Baru) Award in 2010 and 2011. Interested on health and education issues.

Often thinks about reducing her make up stash (ends up rotating the items in use) and stockpiling skincare. Plans to work out more (intention matters!), but ends up sleeping more. Buys books out of optimistic feeling, lets books stays unwrapped to be busy with work, lounging with family, or going out for movies. Could not figure out why ‘judes’ is translated to ‘bitchy’ in Google translate (while it’s just her natural resting face). Very rarely got a photoshoot, she keeps best shots as profile photos for as long as she can.

Passionate. Deliberate. Mordacious. Keen. Delicate balance between comfort and distress.