On Sneakers and Smashing Wedges

About a week ago, 12th grade students held a 'buka puasa bersama' for the whole students and teachers of international class. There were some awards for teachers and students. I was told that quite many student vote me as 'the fiercest teacher' so I kinda… dunno, expecting? Hahaha… *loh, galak kok berlomba-lomba*

No, it's not for the 'galak' thing. I take it as 'intense'. I AM intense. Emotionally, expressive, what you see is what I feel, my best buddies said. I'm easy to read. Oh well… that's my nature.

Best teaching? Mmm… not many students are used to my style. Discussion, peer-teaching, Q&A, exercises. I want the students to become more independent. Hoping they would not be jagged when they enter university with the whole different system.

One student told me that our class (previous 12th grade) helped her quite a lot to cope with her university study. It's not much different from your class, she said. Glad it helped, dear 🙂 Although I am not the teacher who teaches in the best way (what's the best, anyway? I don't know), I really am contented to know that my class was (is) useful.

Favourite teacher? Err… with the 'fiercest' haunting on my back, I guess not many student think this way hehehe… Oh I got one, at least *wink* You can see it on my Facebook profile.

Skipped from all the awards, I got a new award today. The most stylish teacher in town! Hahaha… apparently my wedges shoes made the day.

I didn't know it would be smashing. The first time I look at the shoe on the store was like "Wow, that's a nice shoe. Gotta try it". And it WAS (and still is) very comfortable. High heel you see, and my mom said "I'm not sure it's wearable for you for teaching". Whaddya know. I'm wearing it daily! And that made me one stylish teacher for my students hahaha…

Actually I much prefer sneakers. I run (err… walking very fast) around. I work in chemistry lab. I wander. Climb the stairs (this one's every teacher's experience, of course). Although the wedges is very comfy, it's not for a-whole-day-work at chem lab (7 a.m. to 4 p.m. is enough to be called 'a day', I presume) . It kills me at night. Badly needs massage.

Upon all reason, sneakers is the safest shoe when you're working on chemistry lab. It never slips, it covers all the foot area (means no acid spillage would reach your skin unless you broke a whole jar of concentrated nitric acid). I just wish the school would consider the reason of 'safety' upon 'decency' for chemistry teacher. One unwritten rule I feel kinda disturbing :p

*This is just a rant. You know, teachers rant too hehehe… And no, not a serious topic yet in this blog. My head's still empty *sigh* 


  1. tinkerbell

    September 21, 2008 at 12:27 am

    lit, gue baru tau kalo jij guru kimia, hihihi telat ye 😀
    ngajar dimana say?

    1. Lita

      September 21, 2008 at 10:07 pm

      Allo, Sartje :mrgreen:
      Emang gak bilang-bilang kok hihihihi….
      Di SMA 8, say 🙂

  2. Fashionista at BananaTalk - Lita Mariana’s Weblog

    October 23, 2008 at 8:54 am

    […] Jadi, ya… begitulah. Kalau-kalau ada di antara anda yang bertanya kenapa 'penampakan' saya begini. Pakai 'smashing wedges' (atau running shoes hehehe…), bros kura-kura atau jerapah, model seragam yang agak-agak 'lain', berbekal eau de toilette tiap hari, dan seterusnya. Oh ya, soft lens berwarna dan 'pewarna' secukupnya […]

  3. yanti

    June 4, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Ta.. wedges emang nyaman bgt yaaa.. ga berasa pake high heels, tapi tinggi badan terdongkrak 7 cm =))

    bisa dialihfungsikan juga kalo pengen ngerujak =))

    1. Lita

      June 4, 2009 at 9:39 am

      *lirik sepatu*
      Yaaa… lumayan lah. Jadi makin tinggi diriku 😀
      Dulu pake 3-4 cm aja udah ribut ribet bilang tinggi.
      Sekarang pake 7 cm kalem aja hahaha…

      Wedges satu-satunya, belum nambah lagi, mbak. (tertarik untuk donasi? 😀 )
      Sayangnya gak bisa dialihfungsikan untuk bikin rujak, mbak. Solnya karet soale =))

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