Highlights of the day

If I should list silly things today, they would be:

Spending 45 minutes in not more than 1 km mass parking caused by traffic jam malfunction.

It’s more than Rp 25k to get out of that Jalan Pendidikan street.

Didn’t check whether the last class had my talk about equilibria and escalator.

I just went with the “Remember what I said about maintaining your position on the escalator?”. No wonder they gave me sorta what-on-earth-are-you-talking-about look. But they managed to survive the explanation anyway! You guys are so nice.

Bought a comic book to realize that I skip an edition.

Opened page one. Err… I must be very forgetful. Page two… Err… Page three. OK. This is not the last time I left the story. Must be the number, not my memory.

Didn’t check the inner cap of the rice cooker.

It’s not installed. Then the rice went dry and all. You know ‘intip’? Yeah that as the top crust.

Image taken from here

Listening to this song of ‘Making love out of nothing at all’ in Wedding Band serial and got carried away.

Yes, yes, it’s cheesy. So what.

… so it doesn’t set my mood better for finishing a homework. *sigh*

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