Location Gap

If there is generation gap (which I believe there is), then there is also location gap. As in jet lag, you will feel different ‘measurement’ of time between places that have different character. Let’s say Jakarta and Solo. Okay, Jakarta and Jogja. I didn’t mean to relate those two cities with the same person.

Jakarta is fast-paced but also slow when we speak in term of movement. People have to hurry and leave early because most of the spent time is in traffic jam, which mostly cannot be predictable. If you reached the place earlier, then it would be too early. Otherwise, late. Everybody rushes. Snap, snap! You can’t queue with a comfortable bubble because the person behind you will stand so close one breathes down your neck, or even nudge your back ‘pushing’ you to take more step forward.

While in the other city, although we can already find traffic jam there now, life is… slow, if I may say. Of course, relative to Jakarta where I currently live in. They told me to enjoy life, move slower, no haste, no worry. At first few days, I usually enjoy the refreshing rest. But after a week it gets depressing. Feels like I’m rotting sooner. I know, it’s not. But that’s exactly what I’m trying to say about ‘location gap’.

Now my grandparent is currently visiting. Every several hour, after 4 p.m., he would ask where does everyone go. When answered with, “They’re still at work”, he would be surprised. And when someone is still not at home at 7 p.m., he would be bewildered, “How come??”. I am so ready with long answer consisting of work hour, distance, traffic jam and other needs outside work, but I answered with, “They say they will come home very late” instead. Because it might need more elaboration than I’m prepared with, since he used to stay in Sukabumi, Magelang, and other small cities.

I wonder if this gap can be dissolved somewhere in the near future… But I still enjoy the hectic life of megapolitan, as long as I can still draw myself out here and there. Do you have similar problem with gap, too?

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