Makeup: Different Result from Tutorials

Saw interesting makeup tutorial and ended up dissatisfied because ‘it’s not how it looks like on the photo’? There are several reasons for that.

Different shapeWhat’s your eye shape, facial shape (a chart to help or with photos), skin tone (I like Meow cosmetics and Everyday minerals charts of foundation) or skin type? It could be the shape difference. It may turn out unlike what you hoped for because you don’t have the same eye curve or crease size or rounded chin. Your face look more yellow than it should? Maybe it’s the ill-fitted foundation color that doesn’t flatter your skin tone.

Different products. Some primers can pull out colors much better than others. Or different brand can apply different size of reflecting particles that creates different hue. Or yours don’t work better than in the tutorial’s. If you don’t have the same exact products, look for the dupes. Good dupes will give similar result. Temptalia have good makeup dupe list and foundation matrix. If you shop online or need help on how colors might look like in-real-life aside from the commercials, Google for swatches.

Different application. It may be the order. Black first then yellow will most likely give altered result than yellow first then black. Or if you work with eyeliner inward whereas the tutorial is outward.

Different precision. This may be a hint for you to buy some brushes (ack!), other products that come with different applicator, or merely different skill. Correct product + killer skill will give to-die-for result, no?

“I have protruding eyes but I like smokey eyes!” The rule about makeup is there is no rule. You can use tips as guide, but nothing holds you from trying. So just do, start from what you have and pull out the look with your own trick. Have fun 🙂

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