What’s Wrong to Have Size 1?

Found this comment on Herman Saksono‘s Facebook shared post on normal size mannequin.

Most of these models who are size 0-1 are merely teenagers and does not reflect the body type of an actual full grown woman.

Sir, I know you are generalising things. Because I have a size… oh I don’t know what my size is because every time I enter the ‘western’ clothing store, at a glance, I would see none fit me well. ¬†And although high (even elementary, lately) schoolers have more shape (and weight) than I do… Oh, wait. I’m not a full grown woman, maybe.

How do we define ‘full grown’? Is it age? Or is it how many children given birth to? And is it wrong to have size 0-1? (oh of course not, I hear you, as long as it’s healthy)

Sometimes I feel like being made to feel guilty for being skinny, because I can set off ideas of other women (or youngsters) to have a body as slim as mine. I often got ‘blaming’ tone when some people ask “Why are you so slim?” or “Do you maintain your diet?” or “She doesn’t eat much. She’s on diet.”

I didn’t maintain my slender figure that much. I jog because I need to (well, some said running from reality, whatever works :lol:). I eat less because I don’t have that much room in my stomach nor appetite as others. I dress to ‘put weight’ so that I would look good instead of being pitied at. If I even do maintain a diet, that is to gain weight. Which more often than not, fails, because I’m such a lazy person. I don’t promote slenderness.

People have appetite. They eat what they want whenever they want. They say that being curvy is better than skinny, they look healthier (and wealthier). Yet, there’s the sarcastic tone toward slender people. I mean, what, man? You want to have the goods but blame the skinny people for looking better than you (that’s a quote, reflecting uncertainty of their own standard). Does that make sense to you?

In the photograph posted, it is put well in context since western people are in general bigger than Asian people. It is not uncommon for Asian race people to have small clothing size. It is very acceptable if they frown on sized 0-1 people of their kind. But between Asians?

This talk has expanded from a simple question, actually. “Why are you bothered with my weight?” Or it is just like a quote from an episode of The Newsroom I watched last night about a gossip columnist talking about ‘taking down’ an artist just because it’s her job. She was asked, “Why does her personal matter a concern to you?” to which she answered:

It’s not a concern. It’s an entertainment!

Fear grows in me to realize that our people (Indonesian) feed on this entertainment so much. We are not really that friendly, aren’t we? We prey on others’ matter (even if it’s a grieving one) as entertainment…

Yes, I’m too serious and I think too much. I should be more relaxed on jokes and tittle-tattle. But tell me, did this ever cross your mind? [please say yes so I don’t look like the only freak person]

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