#SkinTreatment 4

Second visit to the dermatologist. The ointments had been finished and another ‘wave’ of blemish problem occurred. Given prescription for higher dose of tretinoin (previously it was 0.05% and now is 0.5% -if I’m not mistakenly read it) and answer to my question, “Is collagen the problem?”. The answer is NO. The cream is.

Research for the product which has been done in cold climate countries may not be sufficient for our hot & humid climate. So not the collagen in the skincare products that may trigger my blemishes or blackheads, but the ‘carrier’ which can be the moisturizer or the filling agent. I’ve been using facial wash & night cream containing collagen, thus the question.

Why collagen? Oh, you know… the feeling of getting older but don’t want to look like one 😆

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  1. mariskova

    October 20, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Don’t want to look like one? hahahahaha
    I burst out laughing reading this. Well, I might not use collage-based things, but I do wear shorts. And people keep telling me I should dress my age. What age?

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