When I think I’m done adapting to the new environment, I made mistake. Because the only constant thing is the change itself. The year has already got smoother. There’s a feeling of ‘I fit better this way’ and I settled into a stance.

I got more into Instagram (and considering to buy a camera and learn photography) and Path (with short posts – sometimes very long almost like a blog post – but not as short as 140-character Twitter). Decided on less social media exposure (which I regard better, with its drawbacks). Gradually changed my style (much more casual now). Withdraw/avoid myself from negative events (or acquaintances). Trying to appreciate more what life has given me.

I’m glad the school appreciates my ideas much. I’m happy for the wide space of exploration provided. I’m thankful for the high tolerance toward my stupid behaviour ???? (which is plentiful). And I’m contented to have lots of chance to improve myself.

I’m grateful to have my children grow to independent persons who are sensible and have learned more about responsibility. I’m relaxed that they have enough of the curiosity toward the world. And I wish they will be beneficial to the society and the field they later choose to dedicate themselves to.


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