Feeling Naked

There are few objects that we might feel naked without. Or at least we definitely feel missing something. For me, they are mascara, glasses and wristwatch.

Me & Val
Before BMS Concert 2014

I used to wear eyeliner everyday. But when my preparing hours has shifted to as early as after dawn prayer, it’s not too comfortable and assuring to line my eyes with sleepy hands (if that even makes sense). So mascara will do.

Glasses, well… it acts as screen between my soul and the world. Without glasses, although I wear contact lenses, I usually feel awkward. And the habit of touching my glasses to fix its place. It remains although the glasses is not there.

Wristwatch because I am so used to wearing one. Although I can always look at the watch at my cellphone, somehow it is not practical.

Had there been time for me without all three at the same time? Outside home? Mmmm… no.

What’s yours?

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