Sitting on Edge

It’s been 6 months for us, Teacher Training 2015 candidates. From submitting first application until now. We had been through document selection, written test, interview, and the latest one was done by MEXT, Japan government. Then, placement. It is there in our proposed options, or in MEXT’s options, or staying back in Indonesia. We are all waiting for the news.

It’s been 6 agitating months. Every candidates are now on the edge of their seats. Every email notification can makeĀ a skip on heartbeat. I’m no exception. So when an email from University of Tsukuba arrived, asking my opinion, a thrill of excitement ran through me. My wish goes to best fitted final decision and strength to undergo all things well.

I did stupid mistake, of course. Like I usually do. Well, they say keep making new mistakes, ain’t? (while trying my best not to repeat any)

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