End of Autumn

It’s coming near to my 3rd month in Japan. I haven’t been to too many places, since I’m a couch potato (not that I have couch here, I’m just too lazy). Furthest point I travel from where I currently live in is Tokyo (where I got lost somehow). If you can call that a travel…

3 months also means I’m already halfway in my intensive language (beginner) course. I haven’t gone far. I might be able to¬†understand a tiny bit of people’s conversation by guessing the context judging from the verbs and nouns used. But for conversation or presentation, I really suck.

Nah, I’m not the most cheerful person in the world. But if you had known me well before, you would’ve laughed because you can imagine my expression as ?

Anyway! The autumn is said to be over. I found that I like autumn for the romantic colour. You may disagree, but this is my first time in 4 season country so I might say this for any of the season ?

Here's my thank-you post for you to drop by here.
Here’s my thank-you post for you to drop by here.

I’ll see you at the next posts, then.

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