Japanese Intensive Course Ends

February 9 was the last day for University of Tsukuba’s autumn 2015 Japanese intensive course. We had presentation on our countries, received the certificate and had closing ceremony.

I was not much into celebrating the end of this course. I rather liked it and grew fond of it actually… I love my teachers, despite me coming to Japan with ‘zenzen wakaranai’ (don’t understand even the tiniest bit of Japanese). They were patient enough with a random me (or so it seems).

I started to have mixed language, though… It’s a good sign that I begin internalising this new language. But it doesn’t sound proper, too. So I better tidy up my grammar and all.

Here’s a bit from today. Not the prettiest photos since it was pretty busy and no edit from my side, so… yeah.

And here is the link to my presentation. I must warn you it’s not good. I was nervous and I wished I had more preparation.


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