What A Girl Wants?

No, we’re not going to talk about Christina Aguilera’s sex & romance. I mean, what’s in girls’ mind mostly? What a girl wants?

When I was a girl (was, wasn’t I? I’m a mom now :p), I don’t recall I want a rock body like Beyonce or J-Lo. I didn’t like to wear such clothes which exposes my body (I haven’t wear veil back then and I wasn’t proud of my skinny body). My hubby said I might be the nerd type, and if he met me that time we won’t have the chance to marry cause nerd is just not his type 😀 I did have a boyfriend, but that didn’t make me to do such make over (make-up, sexy dress, colored hair, high heels, etc). Nor I went to parties, do this&that with my boyfriend (please have your own version, I went only as far as holding hand). Yea.. yea.. I heard that from some of you, "How boring!…"

I don’t mean to say that what I did was better than any girl right now. What’s said above is just to show that I really didn’t follow the main stream so I wasn’t updated about girl’s most spoken topics. That’s why I asked the title you see.

What can I say, I just don’t have time for that! I had courses on afternoons and club activities on Sunday. That goes the same when I was in high school. NOW I have quite some time for my self (the rest is for my baby), so I do more thinking (else than study subject). When I bumped in sinetrons accidently, or reality shows, that question come up. What do they want? Boys? Sex? Rock bodies? Pretty look? Fair skin? Splendid outfits? Latest hair color & model? Cool friends? Clubbing? Being said ‘a trendy girl’? Actual gossips?… And another question comes up: where do brains go?

See, I don’t believe such 3 B as in Beauty, Behavior, and Brain as the beauty pageants said for their requirements [do you notice? the brain goes last! geesh…]. I go for the brain first. So I have very deep condolence for this country’s future if this keeps going on rapidly. So sorry for my children; what kind of friends will they have?

What’s so important that I talk about girls? Well, girls are mothers going-to-be. And mothers are the first encounter for next generation (babies depend on mothers, remember?) If the mothers have ruined vision about what’s most important in life, then you can only expect less from their children. Isn’t it poor for the mankind?

Any girls around who can share a thought with me?


  1. Irma Citarayani

    December 23, 2005 at 8:38 am

    setuujjuuuuuu banget ama lita…your “girl time” is the same with mine 🙂 the different now is that you are a mother now, and i am still a single woman hehe…fortunately sometime when the time comes for me to be a mother i’ll show my children about the most important thing in life (“ngilmu”, “ngilmu” dan ngamal, ngamal, gitu terus!!). Bukankah ilmu adalah jendelanya dunia dan akhirat ??

  2. yanti

    January 16, 2006 at 4:32 pm

    dulu aku juga agak2 tipe nerd.. jadi agak “lieur” malah pas kuliah :). udah “big girl” ya harusnya?
    skrg sih, lagi dalam fase “insap dari lieur”. telat ga seeeeeeeehh!!!

    tapi menurut aku, beauty tetep perlu loh. bukan berarti harus ngerubah apa yg dikasih Allah, tapi harus mengoptimalkan ;). tetep bersih, pakai baju yg serasi dan ga nabrak sana sini, itu juga bagian dari beauty kan?

  3. marielle

    January 27, 2007 at 4:13 am

    maybe it’e difficult to define what a nerd type is.If you see Indonesian films nerd means unfashionable.But,I don’t hink so nerd means someone who didn’t improve her/him self.
    Actually everybody wants to explore themselves.So don’t worry,just looking for good friends as many as you can and say that we’re beautiful

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