Fighting Spam

Sorry people, this is just a notification. In these 4 days I got lots of spam. Damn tiring! (are you happy there spammer?!) So I withdraw the permission for trackback and hold any comments in moderation. If you would make a trackback from your article, you can contact me by e-mail (see page about me).

We upgrade the wordpress to 2.0.1 version (though the bananaSplatt template shows 1.5), doing this and that to fight that annoying spammer. I must admit that the spam sender is very passionate, since he/she (I think it’s one person since the IP address is the same for all that bulk) keeps trying to send trackbacks from wherever that is until this morning.

My hubby said I should feel lucky because it signs that bananaTalk is quite famous. Yea right! No need to be very famous to be attacked with spams, I think. Not a nice feeling to see your inbox filled with junk.

Oh, any advice for me, people? I would appreciate them much. 


  1. geblek

    March 11, 2006 at 12:42 am

    kok gak skalian 2.0.2 mbak
    SK2 mantrap

  2. Andry S Huzain

    March 12, 2006 at 6:58 pm

    Use Akismet or Spam Karma.

    Better yet, convert to Textpattern, spam free blog engine 🙂

    lita: andry, ganti ke Txp itu bukan solusi buat bananaTalk deh!
    thx, akismet udah dipasang dari dulu kok.

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