New Tweet & Seat

This new academic year, I will exploit blog and Twitter more for my chemistry class. For that purpose, I made a new account (and lock the previous one) and asked the students to follow that one for news and updates about school stuff.

Since only provides 20 MB quota (which is proven too small for my uploaded files) for Quick, it’s chemistry!, I’ll be using server to house the files. There will be broken links but it’ll be fine. Posts are updated anyway.

Tweets are for short notice & urgent updates. If you’re my student (or not), you can follow me at litachem. I would appreciate if my students only address school-related questions to that account.

What’s the news?

I have just been assigned to be the new academic coordinator for international class. This is a huge trust and I hope I can meet the expectation. And this also means I have to drop/cancel some offers (which one has already been abandoned, I know, my sincere apology). I just wish God will strengthen & guide me through this to be a better person and bigger purpose.

So… buckle up! And wish me good things 🙂

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