You’ve got admirer

There are times in our lives (could be many, or less) when we met people who hate us. From a slight dislike to a hardcore hater. Either one, we should thank them. For they don’t gain any advantage from us, yet they dedicate their minds (and -if not admittedly- their lives) for us. Voluntarily! Well, not happily, but they do it without asking us any reward.

Lovers may love for something in return from the other significant one. But haters could not hate for something pleasing in return from the other significant (yes, meaningful!) party. They think about us, they dig about us, they peek into our lives, they comment on whatever they would like to comment about us. Even the God-given one such as teeth, nose, or even toes. They would not care much. They hate us. They would just despise every inch of anything about us.

For dealing with people like this, my husband just simply said, “Why bother? Leave it alone. Gak penting.” Hail to my husband the Mr. Simple 🙂 While me, the Mrs. Ribet, still holds the grudge although agreeing to his sentence without reserve.

You see, it actually is a bit addicting. When you know that somebody is interested on you (in either extreme, love or hate), you may grow interest, too. For the sake of your own ego. You are being discussed. You are remembered. You are THAT significant! Regardless how much the other party despises you the whole blog in months. You affect one’s life in a magnitude. You are meaningful. And to feel that you mean something for one’s life is part of life’s pleasure.

So when you found yourself having a hater (or some), just greet yourself. Congratulations, self! You’ve got yourself an admirer. “Hello, somebody! Thanks to add colors to my life. That is such a part of your life to have me in it, hm? Enjoy it while you can. And when you’re done, get a life! A new one. This one is pitiful, in case you didn’t notice.”

Leave them be. May God bless them for the volunteering work they have done. Put their hate behind you. And walk by. You have your own important life to walk on. Enjoy your life. Don’t mind them. For they do it because they don’t have ‘enough’ life to get.

Get a life, shall we? 🙂

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