Tight Lining

I was looking for new brushes -since some of my old ones have deformed- and recalling that I have not used most of my eye brushes for a while. So I looked for what I haven’t got yet and bumped into posts about tight lining.

Tight lining, as its name, is lining your eyes with a tight line very close to your eyes. You are going to apply liner to the upper lid right on the lash line, not really on the waterline. This can use liquid, gel, or pencil liner, even eyeshadows, with a help of a good precise brush. Some people differ in preference on which brush to use, it can vary from pointy, flat, angled to round eye liner brush. No sweat, it’s just personal taste. Whatever works for you.

So I decided to try this method just few minutes ago. Yup, as an avid eyeliner person, I haven’t tried this. Boo me.

I picked gel eyeliner, Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner from L’oreal (mine is in Navy colour) along with its brush and another from Make Up Show (I love their brushes). I don’t know which brush will work so I might just try with anything. Dip the brush into the liner, lift my lashes upward (I find this helps, with clean fingers of course), fill in the gaps of the lash hairs.

Yup, that’s just it. Less than 5 minutes. I did it as described by Melissa here, with a slight difference in where to start: I worked from outer to inner corner of the eye. You can opt to fill in the gaps with repeated dabs or draw a line according to your liking. The result is your eyelashes will look thicker without noticeable of a liner. Great for subtle look.

Of course, if you like make the coloured eye line as the focus, this will not sufficient. But this is excellent for nude or natural style. I will try with pencil and liquid liner later. I’m good to go now 🙂


  1. Kapkap

    February 8, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    Ga pernah bisa tight-lining, mbak 😐 Padahal pengen. Kesannya rapiiii gitu. Tapi takut ketujes *lhah*

    1. Lita

      February 8, 2013 at 9:13 pm

      Iya, hasilnya ternyata rapi banget. Senaaanggg…
      Lebih nakutin kalau pakai celak, kan pake batang gitu :p Tapi ternyata ngga segitunya juga. Kecoloknya malah sama maskara 😆

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