Times of trial shows the nature of people deftly. Does one consider other’s interest before oneself or the other around? Does one show concern over others or it is more of a reflection of one’s emotion? When you say other is panicking, is it really the other panicking or you project your panic to the other person?

When some people have gotten a lot more on their plate than others and suddenly they were forced to show their leadership. When some people have arisen from ‘nowhere’ and show great initiatives toward solutions doable for many others. When some people have to sacrifice their needs, even safety, for the sake of greater number…

It’s the time of trial which shapes us more than smooth sailings. Will we be able to get through this? I believe we can. The number of casualties, however, we cannot be sure of. The prediction looks bleak. May we be granted with strength and steadfastness. #dirumahaja #covid19 #pandemic

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