Compelling Queen

The older we get, the less time we have for things we consider unnecessary. Just because we generally have less energy than before and we want to make use of ‘now’ as best as we could. We tend to become pickier, also to people.

Experience and values make people. They make who we are right now. I realised that security is not the best word to describe what I hold dearly. I value learning more than feeling safe. Not that I do not like living comfortably, the common reason why people look for optimum compensation of effort and time. It’s just that I choose not to waste my time where I was not fairly appreciated.

I learn by making mistakes and try my best to reflect on those and improve. I learn by asking questions and doing tasks, but mostly by observing. I get to judge whether my source of learning is relevant or not to my function. I get to learn mundane but necessary things, and exciting but trivial things. I learn to sort things, compile them together, and pull a string of information out of the pile.

The biggest impact of a new challenge is how it changes how you look at things. You have to unlearn and leave everything you know behind. Not because they are all irrelevant. But because you are going to build a new comprehension. You have to learn anew, and relearn as necessary. And repeat the cycle. Absolute imperative.

While you’re in it, you may discover that you may not be the princess you once dreamed to be. But a lady. How’s your journey?

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