I was told and learned, that climbing up the management ladder is a path not to be taken lightly and it takes a lot. And so I was also told and learned, that it’s lonely ‘up there’.

It does not mean that you will be solely on your own. It means people may be very careful with you thus you may not have many friends in the leadership role. It does not mean that you will have to do everything by yourself. It means you have to have a bird’s-eye view to lead and delegate instead. It does not necessarily mean you are going to gain enemies, though it can be as consequences of decisions. And it means that you have to have a firm ground and able to decide, sometimes against all odds.

Unfrequented and remote. Not for everyone.

Not that I am an excellent example. But what I can solidly say is you have to have listening skill. Not hear, but listen. Actively pay attention. To the needs of the people you serve. Because leading is to serve; the ones you lead and the ones oversee you. Some may say listen with your heart, I would say listen with your ears (still).

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