Towards 2-year pandemic

It’s almost 2 years pandemic hits Indonesia. I can still remember how I arranged preparation for home-based learning. It was ‘too sudden’ yet predicted and understandably there were some refusal to accept that things are going to change to a new direction never imagined before.

Felt like sailing through storm while the navigation system wasn’t working and immediately the crew members were yelling at each other in almost a crippling condition. It was all too perfect to test leadership and teamwork in every possible aspects, globally. Everybody learns some lessons.

Amidst the sailing I came into realisation that I may not be the right leader towards the set direction. I said goodbye and left into the unknown, clinging to the belief that there is always a place for everyone and I had to find the ‘moved cheese’ (anyone reading ‘who moved the cheese’?).

Things went fast the following year where I thought it was my place. Then we got Covid, then a new uncertainty stroke us. Reasons unearthed after. Maybe. We can only do attempts to fathom why things happened the way they are. As a leader, we comprehend situations. As a human, we absorb and fully experience the emotions and grasping for things to learn. To rationalise.

New chapters of life are waiting behind the doors of milestones. Each with their own wisdom to acquire.

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