Happy Student’s Day

There was a time when my sanity was hung by a thread, days went by almost unconsciously. When I fell apart. Shattered. But somehow managed to keep the shape. Barely.

Until a kindness touched me. Unblocked the river in me. By unexpected person(s). Woke me up to stand for the purpose, instead of letting the world go around just like that.

Many times, my students saved me. In a way they are: children. And I don’t think they were even aware what they’ve done to me. Well, in case you are my student, and in any case you have showed kindness no matter how small to me, let me thank you for saving my life.

There will never be a teacher had there not been any student. So, happy student’s day, offsprings. I’m grateful to meet you. For in whatever way we were met.

*reminiscing a moment few years back, captured in a photograph I saw again this morning*

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