[Review] Nivea Creme Care Lip Balm Honey Flavor

Before I came to Japan, I was already warned to bring lip balm since it was autumn and drier climate than Indonesia. I had my trusted Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss with me so I did not worry.

Nivea Creme Care Lip Balm Honey Flavor
Nivea Creme Care Lip Balm Honey Flavor

But of course it will run out. And somehow it has two leaky holes on the tube, making it uncomfortable to carry and cumbersome to dispense the product. Therefore it’s time to get something new to the rescue.

Not that Clinique is not available in Japan. But when cost is a concern, I would go for cheaper alternative with similar performance. And after using it to treat my chapped lip recently, I can declare that Nivea Creme Care Lip Balm (honey flavor) performs the task very well.


Bottom label

This lip balm is encased in a classic Nivea blue color small plastic (not tin) pot. Stated amount of product is 7.0 grams. The pot looks sturdy yet classy despite the simple design.  On the bottom part printed batch number and ‘made in Japan’ and address. Information on ingredients can be found on the carton case. The orange highlighted is for ‘honey flavoured/scented’.

No expiry date, as usual for similar products made in Japan. If there’s no special precaution (such as ‘within 3 months’), the default ‘best to use’ is 1 year.


It says honey flavor, but ‘honey scented’ is more suitable because I did not recognise any taste present. Texture is typical of balm, similar to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (did not work very well with my lip problem). Two options available, non-scented and honey scented.

Not too thin
Not too thin

This pot product is meant to use your finger to pick up the product. I dislike this part (gotta clean the finger first and open the lid as brief as possible) but yes, the warmth of your skin will melt the product and making it easier to be scooped.

Direction of use is typical of lip product: smear it evenly thin to your lips. Although it’s honey scented, but not overpowering and once it’s put on your lips, the scent is faint. This balm is not sticky, non glossy but it does add a fresh look. I wear it overnight for a moist and plump lips in the morning. Bye, chaps!


Full cased Nivea Lip Balm
Full cased Nivea Lip Balm

Availability might be the challenge. I bought this in Kokumin, common drugstore in Japan, for ¥599 (price may vary a little). Also available in supermarkets and maybe Japanese products online shops.

Description on products can be found on Nivea Japan website (in Japanese). I could not find this product in Nivea’s other countries websites. Among the available products, which might be similar is Nivea Lip Butter. But if Nivea Lip Butter’s texture is similar to (let’s say) The Body Shop’s butters (lip or body), I would say Nivea Creme Care Lip Balm is a whole different product.

Manufacturer is Nivea-Kao Japan. That could be the reason of the singularity.

The product is a personal purchase, not a paid endorsement.

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